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Vapor Fresh® Spray Bundle Pack

Vapor Fresh® Spray Bundle Pack

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Clean and deodorize all your sports gear at home and on the go with this Vapor Fresh Spray bundle pack!

This bundle pack contains:
3 x Vapor Fresh Spray, 16oz
3 x Vapor Fresh Spray, 4oz

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Save BIG with this bundle pack!

Zero Harsh Chemicals

Clean and deodorize your smelly gear without harsh and toxic chemicals

Save 15%

Save over 15% off retail price by bundling together these best selling sprays

Plant Based

Experience the exceptional cleaning power of plants with our powerful sprays

Eliminate odors and germs, everywhere.

Sports Padding

Deodorize protective sports pads

Loved by yogis, boxers, hockey and soccer moms and athletes of all ages

Sports & Gym Equipment

Clean sports training equipment

Perfect for gym equipment, yoga mats, boxing training aids and more

Gym Bags, Shoes & More

Deodorize smelly everyday items

Smelly shoes? Smelly gym bag? Say no more to sweaty odors.