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Vapor Fresh® Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes

Vapor Fresh® Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes

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Cost effective wipes for gyms, schools and more. Completely free of harsh chemicals like BZK and quats.

Zero harsh chemicals
 100% happiness gaurantee


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Our Mission

Clean sports & gym equipment without toxic chemicals

There's nothing worse than dirty sports pads and gym equipment. You can't use "traditional" cleaners because they contain harsh chemicals that irritate skin and ruin equipment. They aren't meant for sports & gym equipment. Vapor Fresh is.

Our most cost effective cleaning wipe

Low cost per wipe

Our best deal on surface cleaning wipes. Lowest cost-per-wipe for our cost-conscious partners.

No Quats or BZK

Free of harsh chemicals that have science-backed concerns on skin, lung & reproductive health.

Safe on all surfaces

Perfect for gym equipment, grocery carts, children's toys, offices, retailers and more.

Keep all your surfaces clean for less.

Gym Wipes

Keep your gym equipment looking and smelling fresh

Perfect for cleaning treadmills, exercise bikes, weights, gym benches, yoga mats and more.

Cart Wipes

Keep your customers happy with these cart wipes

A cost-effective way to welcome your customers and guests with safer surfaces cleaning wipes.

School Wipes

Zero harsh chemicals for our most important places

Quats and BZK have no place in our schools and childcare centers. A better way to clean.

Additional Information

Product Details

Wipes Per Roll: 1,200

Rolls Per Case: 4

Wipe Dimensions: 8" x 6"

Roll Dimensions: 8.5" x 8.5" x 8"

Net Weight: 9.4 lbs

UPC: 860339001983

Safety Data Sheet (SDS): PDF Link


Water, caprylyl glucoside, myristyl glucoside, sodium octyl sulfate, citric acid, acetic acid, sodium benzoate


Step 1: Cut the top of the bag open

Step 2: Leave the roll in the bag and place it into your wipe dispenser

Step 3: Pull a wipe from the center of the roll and feed it through the mouth of your dispenser

Step 4: Close the dispenser


☑ Will Vapor Fresh Wipes fit in my wipe dispenser?

Yes! Most dispensers can fit refill rolls up to 9 or 10" in diameter. Vapor Fresh Disinfecting Gym Wipe Refill Rolls will certainly fit in all standard dispensers.

☑ How does Vapor Fresh clean surfaces so well?

Vapor Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes uses a blend of citric acid and gentle surfactants to lift away dirt and debris safely and effectively without leaving any streaking or residue behind.

☑ Why does Vapor Fresh avoid BZK and Quats?

Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, or "quats", have been shown in studies to present health risks to skin, lungs and the reproductive systems of both men and women. BZK falls within this same category. We believe cleaning products should first and foremost "do no harm" - after all, what's the point of cleaning a surface if that original mess is simply replaced with other health concerns?

☑ Do these wipes kill germs?

Vapor Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes are not an EPA registered to kill germs, however our Vapor Fresh Disinfecting Gym Wipes are. Why would you not want wipes that kill germs? The main reason would be if you already have other disinfecting protocols and don't need your wipes to disinfect as well. There are many other scenarios just like that where you just need to wipe away sweat, dirt and debris and don't need to pay a premium for disinfecting wipes.