Our Mission

Rid the world of nasty sports & gym gear.

Made for athletes, gyms and active households. Keep your gear fresh and clean without compromise so you can enjoy every minute before, during and after.

Meet The Team

Vapor Fresh is run by two brothers, Stephen and Eric Steinberg.

Growing up, life was always a competition between Stephen and Eric. But ten years after Stephen founded Vapor Fresh, in a shocking turn of events and much to the suprise of their mother, Eric joined the team.

Stephen and Eric are based in Arlington, Virginia, supported by a fantastic remote team nationwide.

Why Avoid Harsh Chemicals?

If you clean your sports & fitness gear with "traditional" cleaning products, you'd be covering them with toxic and irritating chemicals not meant to come in contact with your skin. That's not fun.

Vapor Fresh allows you to keep all your gear fresh and clean without exposing yourself to chemicals that will irritate your skin and ruin your gear.

How Vapor Fresh Started

Back in 2008, Stephen Steinberg was playing hockey at the University of Maryland and had a problem - his hockey pads were making his dorm room smell like a locker room.

There were no cleaning sprays for sports pads back then, so he developed one that was botanically-based, safe for his own skin and safe to use on sports equipment.

After seeing how well it worked, he started selling it to college athletics programs and Vapor Fresh was born.

Amazon's Choice & Fan Favorite

Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaner & Deodorizer has been a Amazon's Choice Best Seller for years with thousands of 5-star reviews.

It's lasted the test of time for a reason - it's safe to spray on nearly everything and it works so well at removing tough lingering sports odors.

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