How To Deodorize Your Crossfit Knee Sleeves

How To Deodorize Your Crossfit Knee Sleeves

Crossfit knee sleeves are an important piece of gear that promotes stability and helps keep Crossfit athletes injury-free. Whether you're tackling a WOD or setting a new squat PR, your knee sleeves are working hard to keep you supported and in the gym!

Just as your knee sleeves support you, it’s just as important to support them by keeping them deodorized and clean. Regular care of your knee sleeves not only keeps you smelling fresh, but extends the life of your sleeves and ensures they provide the warmth and compression you need during your WODs.

Deodorize Your Crossfit Knee Sleeves in Three Easy Steps

It’s key to start the cleaning and deodorizing process immediately post-WOD to tackle tough odors and prevent bacteria growth. The good news is that properly caring for your knee sleeves takes only a few minutes!

Here are three easy steps you can take to keep your knee sleeves deodorized and in great shape.

Step 1: Turn Your Sleeves Inside Out and Give Them A Quick Rinse in the Sink

The inside of your knee sleeves comes in contact with the bulk of the sweat and odors.

Turn the sleeves inside out to target this area and quickly rinse them in the sink. This helps remove some of the sweat and primes the area for further deodorizing. You can use hand soap at this time as well for extra cleaning power, but be sure to rinse it all away really well to avoid any skin irritation when you put them back on.

Then give them a couple quick, light squeezes to remove the excess water and move to step two!

Step 2: Spray All Sides With Vapor Fresh

Start the deodorizing process immediately with Vapor Fresh® Natural Sports Cleaning Spray.

Spray the knee sleeves inside and out and allow it to penetrate to lift the sweat and odors. Vapor Fresh starts working the second you spray it on your knee sleeves. No need to wipe them down – simply spray and let Vapor Fresh work its magic!

Vapor Fresh is a fantastic deodorizing spray for knee sleeves because it is:

Residue Free: No sticky sleeves! Vapor Fresh’s residue-free formula ensures your sleeves feel and smell as fresh as the day you bought them.

Non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals: It’s important to look for all-natural active ingredients when choosing a sports cleaning spray because it will come into contact with your skin. Vapor Fresh is safe, non-toxic and free from typical ingredients that cause skin irritation like artificial fragrances, quats, alcohol and more.

Formulated to remove tough sports odors at their source: Vapor Fresh doesn’t mask odors – its powerful plant-based formula deeply penetrates knee sleeves, lifting and eliminating the sweat and odor for a fresh and reliable clean each time.

Versatile: Best of all, Vapor Fresh is safe for cleaning all types of Crossfit gear, including gym shoes, gym bags and more. You can even use Vapor Fresh to clean gym benches, as well as clean barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells!

Step 3: Air Dry Completely

Allow your knee sleeves to air dry in an area with good airflow. Drying them in your car, gym bag or other enclosed space can lead to bacteria and mildew growth, which are all things you want to avoid to keep your sleeves in top shape.

Make sure your knee sleeves are completely dry before you store them away. Knee sleeves need ample time to air dry – another reason to start the deodorizing process immediately!

Can I Wash My Knee Sleeves in the Washing Machine?

The bottom line: Check the manufacturer’s instructions first before washing them in the washing machine!

There are some knee sleeves that can go in the washing machine. If you choose to wash them in a machine, consider washing them in a mesh laundry bag to protect the integrity of the sleeve. Never put them in the dryer!

How Often Should I Deodorize My Knee Sleeves?

Like most sports gear that comes in direct contact with your body, it’s ideal to deodorize them every time you wear them to keep them in good condition.

If you have a busy day ahead of you, use Vapor Fresh® Natural Sports Cleaning Spray Travel Size to quickly deodorize your sleeves on-the-go post-WOD! Starting the cleaning process early ensures your knee sleeves are ready for your next workout.

WOD With Confidence With Vapor Fresh Cleaning Spray

Vapor Fresh helps keep your knee sleeves in top shape so you’re able to complete your WOD with confidence. Not only does it keep you smelling fresh, it ensures that your knee sleeves are clean and free from the sweat friction that can compromise the effectiveness of your sleeves. It’s safe, non-toxic, residue-free and takes minutes to effectively clean and deodorize your gear.

You tackle the tough workouts, Vapor Fresh tackles the tough odors. Grab a bottle for yourself and a bottle for your gym today!

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