How To Properly Deodorize Your Gym Shoes

How To Properly Deodorize Your Gym Shoes

[Note: If you do use Vibram Fivefingers, here's our guide on how to keep your Vibram FiveFingers clean. If you have a Peloton, here's our guide to keeping Peloton shoes clean and odor-free. And if you have Allbirds, here's our guide to washing Allbirds in the washing machine]

If you train hard, your gym shoes will smell. However, if you follow these simple steps, you can keep the odor from your gym shoes under control:


Wear Socks With Gym Shoes.
There’s a reason barefoot shoes like Vibram Fivefingers are notoriously smelly- you sweat directly into them. Socks absorb sweat from our feet before it gets soaked up in our shoes. Since moisture and bacteria provide an ideal breeding ground for odor and germs, socks are your first line of defense for keeping your shoes fresh and clean.

Air Gym Shoes Out After Use
Do this immediately. Don’t walk around your home with your gym shoes still on. Right when you get in the door, kick them off your feet and let the drying process begin. Until you do this, the sweat and lack of airflow will continue to harbor odor-causing bacteria. And the longer you wait, the harder it will be to reverse the damage.

Spray Down With A Strong Sports Cleaning Spray
You’re going to want to kill as many germs as you can, as soon as you can. There are many antimicrobial sprays out there, but you want one that’s gentle so you don’t ruin your shoes or irritate your skin next time since the chemicals can leach through you socks. You also want one that will leave a nice pleasant scent behind. Surprise, we’ve got the best option for you-- Vapor Fresh® Sports Equipment Cleaning Spray! Spray it very liberally inside and out, then let them air dry completely.

Sprinkle Shoe Powder To Assist Drying
You want to make sure there’s as little moisture in your gym shoes as possible. The best way to do this is to use a shoe powder specifically designed to soak up any lingering moisture in and around the shoe. Baking soda also works just fine. 

Follow those tips and you’ll have the freshest kicks in the gym. Train hard, finish fresh without any stress because Vapor Fresh has got your back!

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