Best Cleaning Spray For Yoga Mats

Best Cleaning Spray For Yoga Mats

You shouldn’t use traditional cleaning sprays to clean your yoga mat. That is unless you want to ruin your yoga mat and risk irritating your skin, lungs and potentially your reproductive system.

That sounds dramatic, but it’s true.

Instead, you should be using a sport-specific cleaning and deodorizing spray with safer natural ingredients like Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaning Spray to clean and deodorize your yoga mat safely yet effectively.

Here’s why:

Traditional Cleaning Sprays Aren’t Meant To Touch Your Skin

Your yoga mat comes in direct and prolonged contact with your skin. So the cleaning products you use on your yoga mat will also come in direct and prolonged contact with your skin.

Do you know what’s in those traditional cleaning sprays? You probably don’t want to. Hint: they’re definitely not plant based and definitely have a long list of warnings.

Traditional Cleaning Sprays Can Leave A Residue

No one wants to use a sticky yoga mat during class. Even worse, no one wants to use a slippery yoga mat! Both situations can be avoided by simply using a cleaning spray specifically designed to be left on sports equipment like yoga mats. With Vapor Fresh, you won’t ever need to worry about grossing yourself out with a sticky mat or hurting yourself by slipping on one.

Most Traditional Cleaning Sprays Contain Quats

If you’ve ever read the back of a traditional cleaning spray’s label, you probably saw some long chemical names you can’t pronounce. Those were most likely quaternary ammonium compounds, or “quats”. They’re used in almost every single disinfecting spray and wipe - except they’re *not* in any Vapor Fresh products!

There is mounting evidence that quats cause numerous health issues. We chose to avoid quats because we believe they have no place in a healthy and active lifestyle.

Some of the scariest health concerns are related to quat-induced asthma, quat-induced eczema and disruption of both the male and female reproductive systems. So yea, we think it’s best to avoid them at all costs, especially on sports and fitness equipment where you’ll be frequently exposed.

The Best Yoga Mat Cleaning Sprays Are Natural

Always choose a natural cleaning spray when cleaning your yoga mat. There are some really gnarly chemicals in most cleaning products. Just because a cleaning product is natural doesn’t mean it’s free from harsh chemicals, but choosing a natural cleaning spray is a simple and easy way to eliminate the worst culprits.

Most Natural Sprays Aren’t Strong Enough For A Sweaty, Smelly Yoga Mat

No matter what type of yoga you practice, your yoga mat will eventually become smelly and sticky. It needs to be cleaned, and cleaned well.

Unfortunately most natural cleaning products aren’t strong enough to get the job done when it comes to smelly sports and fitness equipment.

With Vapor Fresh, you never have to choose between safety and strength. We can clean it all. That’s why so many athletes and gyms trust our products. And you can too.

The Best Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray Is Designed For Sports Equipment

Traditional cleaning products are usually designed for things like kitchen counters, shower tile and other hard, nonporous surfaces. These are much different materials than what a yoga mat is made from.

Different materials require different cleaning products. So clean your yoga mat with a spray designed to specifically eliminate sweat and odors from common sports & fitness materials.

What’s The Best Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray? The Answer: Vapor Fresh

To keep your yoga mat fresh and clean without leaving a sticky or slippery residue, and without exposing yourself to unnecessary toxic chemicals, the best yoga mat cleaning spray is without a doubt Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaning Spray. Nothing else comes close to providing you the same benefits!

Prefer to use a wipe to clean your yoga mat? We've still got you covered! You should check out our Vapor Fresh Disinfecting Gym Wipe Canisters and our Vapor Fresh Disinfecting Gym Wipe Refill Rolls. They are plant based and free of harsh quats yet still kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

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