Best Wipes To Clean Yoga Mats

Best Wipes To Clean Yoga Mats

Nothing can ruin a perfect yoga session quite like a nasty, smelly yoga mat. What is supposed to be a relaxing and rejuvenating practice can quickly become uncomfortable when you’re face to face with an unsanitary yoga mat.

That’s why it’s so important to clean your yoga mat! But what should you use to clean your yoga mat without causing it to get sticky, slippery or coated with toxic chemicals?

Here are our suggestions on what makes a great yoga mat cleaning wipe.

The Best Yoga Mat Cleaning Wipe - Vapor Fresh Gym Wipes!

Vapor Fresh is the #1 brand of plant based cleaning products for all sports pads & fitness equipment. For over a decade, Vapor Fresh has been used by sports teams, leading gym chains and active households across the country.

We believe that in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to avoid unnecessary chemical exposure especially when cleaning things that will come in direct contact with your body like your sports pads, fitness equipment, and yes, yoga mats!

Here are just a few of the reasons yogis and yoga studios across the country are choosing Vapor Fresh Gym Wipe Canisters and Vapor Fresh Gym Wipe Refill Rolls to clean their yoga mats:

Vapor Fresh Wipes Are Plant Based

If you knew what chemicals were in most cleaning wipes, not only would you avoid using them on your yoga mat but you’d avoid using them altogether! An easy way to filter out most of the really bad offenders is to choose a cleaning wipe that is plant based.

Vapor Fresh Wipes Are Free Of Quats

Nearly every other wipe brand aside from Vapor Fresh contains quaternary ammonium compounds, or quats.

Quats have been shown to cause new cases of asthma, cause new cases of eczema and there’s even reason to believe they are disruptive to both male and female reproductive systems.

Basically, quats are not something you want on or around your body. And if you use a product with quats to clean your yoga mat, they will most certainly end up on your body!

Vapor Fresh Wipes Are Designed For Sports & Fitness Equipment

Most cleaning wipes are designed for everyday household use like granite countertops or shower tile. Cleaning a yoga mat is much different than cleaning those surfaces.

When choosing a wipe to clean your yoga mat, be sure to use one that is approved for that use. Then you’ll be sure you won’t leave a sticky or a slippery residue.

Fun fact - you can also use Vapor Fresh wipes on all those household surfaces too!

Vapor Fresh Wipes Are EPA Registered To Kill 99.9% Of Germs

The main reasons you’d clean your yoga mat is to remove sweat, odor and germs. Nearly all wipes will remove sweat and odor. But surprisingly, killing germs is a completely separate task that most wipes are not designed to do.

Make sure you choose an EPA registered disinfecting wipe like Vapor Fresh when cleaning your yoga mat. Disinfecting wipes are proven to kill 99.9% of germs. This will help keep your mat sanitary and also prevent additional lingering odors from forming.

Vapor Fresh Disinfecting Gym Wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi using a plant based active ingredient.

Vapor Fresh Wipes Come In Two Convenient Sizes

For households and small studios, we have our Vapor Fresh Gym Wipes Canisters.

For larger gyms and fitness centers that go through more wipes, we sell Vapor Fresh Gym Wipe Refill Rolls. These rolls will fit in any wipe dispenser and they are the most economical way to clean your yoga mats. We also sell metal wipe dispensers should you need any.

Vapor Fresh Is The #1 Brand For Cleaning Sports Pads & Fitness Equipment

Vapor Fresh has been developing stronger, safer, greener cleaning solutions for the sports & fitness industry since 2008. We know our disinfecting gym wipes are the best yoga mat wipes you’ll find.

Prefer to use a spray over a wipe? We’ve got you covered! We believe our Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaning & Deodorizing Spray is without a doubt the best yoga mat cleaning spray on the market as well.

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