Ultimate Guide To Cleaning A Spin Studio

Ultimate Guide To Cleaning A Spin Studio

It's no surprise that after a group class of heart-pounding sprints and hill climbs, your spin studio may smell a bit like a locker room. So, let's clean it!

If you get into a routine of tidying up after each class, your studio will remain fresh and inviting each time you give a tour to a prospective member or welcome back a current member to class -- and that's exactly the type of impression you want your studio to make!

What Can be Cleaned in a Spin Studio?

It's obvious the bikes need some TLC after a tough ride, but there's more to consider if you want to keep the space safe and welcoming. Use this checklist to guide your next cleaning:

  • Door handles
  • Sign-in stations / front desks
  • Floors
  • Spin bikes
  • Floor mats
  • Locker room / restroom
  • Benches
  • Towels

What Cleaning Products Are Safe And Appropriate For A Spin Studio?

You may choose to have staff members clean between each class, or hire a professional cleaning crew to clean the studio. Whichever route you go, be sure you’re using disinfectants that aren't made from quaternary ammonium compounds, which are also known as ‘quats’. These chemicals are associated with health risks for skin, eyes, lungs and reproductive systems, plus they aren't very friendly to the environment. This is not the type of chemical you want in a health & wellness facility such as your spin studio- your staff and members deserve better!

Instead, opt for disinfectants made with citric acid, an EPA-approved active ingredient on their Safer Chemical Ingredient’s list that’s derived from plants and allows you to disinfect surfaces while avoiding the harmful effects of exposure to quats. Much more friendly for a fitness studio!

How To Deep Clean Your Spin Bikes

Current and prospective members will judge how clean and sanitary your spin studio is by determining how clean your spin bikes are. Therefore you’ll need your own staff or a contracted staff to clean your spin bikes with great detail and high frequency. In general, you should have them focus primarily on:

Wipe down high touchpoint areas. This includes the seat, handlebars, drink holders and adjustment knobs. After all, these get the sweatiest and therefore harbor most of the sweat and germs found on the spin bike.

Clean the screen, if the bike has one. If you use a cleaning spray, never spray directly onto the screen as the liquid could seep inside and damage the electronics. It’s much safer to spray a microfiber towel until damp and use that to wipe the screen clean. Vapor Fresh® Natural Sports Cleaning Spray is a fantastic option for this.

Skip cleaning the wheels. It’s typically recommended to keep the wheels on a spin bike as dry as possible. If you see sweat or liquid on the wheel, use a microfiber cloth to dry it, but never spray the wheel with a cleaning spray. If you see dust, a wipe down with a dry towel will tidy up the machine. For reference, here's our complete guide to cleaning a Peloton.

Cleaning The Rest Of Your Spin Studio

So, what about everything else beyond the bikes on the checklist above?

Cleaning Doors, Benches and Floors. Disinfecting wipes and sprays will make quick work of killing germs on common areas, sinks, toilets, countertops and handles or knobs. When it comes to floors, routine vacuuming and mopping is a perfect recipe for a clean studio.

Washing Studio Towels & Sweat Rags. Members only see towel service as a value add if the towels are fresh, clean and comfortable. Be sure you’re keeping your towels in tip top shape for your members by utilizing an active lifestyle laundry detergent like Vapor Fresh® Laundry Detergent Powder. This greener formula knocks out stains, lifts body oils and kills odors without fragrances, dyes, brighteners or softeners. These common additives in other detergents lock in sweat and odor instead of lifting them away, allowing a lingering funky odor to become noticeable despite routine washings. Plus they can irritate members with sensitive skin, which you really want to avoid. And since Vapor Fresh Laundry Detergents are so cost effective, it really is a win-win.

Provide Disinfecting Gym Wipes For Your Members

Even if you have a perfect cleaning schedule in place, your members will still most likely want to have some disinfecting gym wipes accessible to wipe down their bike before and after use. This helps them feel comfortable and it will send a strong message to your members that you take cleanliness seriously. Plus when you’re battling tough strains like MRSA - which every gym should be aware of - every touchpoint you have to fight back should be utilized, and disinfecting gym wipes made available to your members is perfect for that.

Simply have the instructor call out a reminder at the end of the cool down and have ample disinfecting wipes on hand, such as a few dispensers with Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes. If it's a small studio, a few small canisters of disinfecting gym wipes could be made available as well.

A Clean Spin Studio Is A Successful Spin Studio!

Cleanliness leads to customer satisfaction and retention. Keeping your spin studio fresh and germ-free is simple when you set up a daily routine, delegate the tasks and use quality cleaning products that get the job done!

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