How To Properly Clean Your Peloton Bike

How To Properly Clean Your Peloton Bike

With an abundance of home gym equipment options to choose from, we're all exercising at home a bit more often. If you and your family members are giving your Peloton a good workout, it's imperative to implement a cleaning routine after each ride to keep all household members healthy and your spin bike in tip-top shape. Here's how to properly clean your Peloton!

Peloton Cleaning Tip #1: Selecting Cleaning Products Made For Fitness Equipment

You don't need abrasive cleaning products to get the job done. Actually, it's healthier for you and safer for the machine's hardware if you choose strong yet safe cleaning products specifically designed for sports and fitness equipment.

If you prefer a cleaning spray, a great option for you is Vapor Fresh® Natural Sports Cleaning Spray, which features 100% natural and botanically based active ingredients.

If you prefer wipes, our Vapor Fresh gym wipes are by far the best wipe for cleaning your Peloton. They use plant based citric acid to disinfect, which places them in the EPA’s lowest toxicity category while still being able to disinfect 99.9% of germs. Nearly all other disinfecting wipes use harsh chemicals called quaternary ammonium compounds to disinfect and you probably don’t want those chemicals in your home.

Peloton Cleaning Tip #2: Clean Your Bike Immediately After Use

Your sweat contains salt. When you let your sweat sit on your Peloton for long periods of time, that salt will corrode surfaces. It's best to clean away your sweat as soon as possible from the bike. It will also be easier to wipe away the sweat while it's still fresh and hasn't had a chance to dry.

Peloton Cleaning Tip #3: Carefully Clean The Touchscreen

You should never spray your Peloton touch screen directly, and you should never use a cleaning wipe directly on the touch screen either. So how can you keep your Peloton screen fresh and clean safely without damaging it? Simply spray Vapor Fresh® Sports Cleaning Spray onto a microfiber cloth to get it a bit damp and then use that microfiber cloth to wipe the screen down until it’s clean. Easy!

Peloton Cleaning Tip #4: Avoid Getting The Wheel Wet At All Costs

Peloton suggests keeping the front wheel of your Peloton dry and away from all cleaning products, so it’s best to take precautions to make sure no cleaning spray or wipe residue drips down onto the wheel.

Peloton Cleaning Tip #5: Don't Forget About Your Mat & Shoes

Finally, disinfect accessories that have come in touch with your Peloton. If your bike is sitting on a floor mat, give it a spray or wipe too. If you were dripping sweat, it may have landed below the bike on a mat or your floor. Clean it up before it gets smelly and nasty! It's also a smart idea to deodorize your Peloton shoes to minimize build-up of sweat and odor so they last longer and your feet stay healthy. Here's a complete guide: How to Clean and Deodorize Peloton Shoes.

At Vapor Fresh, we want you to stay healthy and know how easy it is to keep your Peloton clean without inhaling irritating chemicals found in other cleaning products. You can have an active lifestyle and choose cleaning products that are gentle on yourself and the environment! Happy spinning -- and disinfecting!

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