Best Deodorizing Spray For Boxing Gloves

The Best Deodorizing Spray For Boxing Gloves

You need your boxing gloves performing at their best at all times.  You’d never want to do anything to compromise their comfort, protection or structural integrity.

So when it comes to cleaning and deodorizing them, you need to be careful with what you use!  Many sprays can do more harm than good.

It’s no secret that Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaning Spray is the undisputed champion of boxing glove deodorizing sprays. No other spray comes close in terms of safety and effectiveness.

Below we discuss why Vapor Fresh is the only spray you should be using on your boxing gloves, what cleaning products you should avoid on your boxing gloves, and how to properly clean your boxing gloves.

Vapor Fresh Is The Best Boxing Glove Deodorizing Spray

Vapor Fresh Spray is used by boxers and boxing gyms nationwide. It has been around since 2007 and has thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon. Here are five very important reasons you should only use Vapor Fresh to clean and deodorize your boxing gloves:

Vapor Fresh Won’t Irritate Your Skin

Vapor Fresh is completely free of harsh chemicals found in many other cleaning products.  Whatever you clean your boxing gloves with will come in direct contact with your hands, so you’ll want to avoid harsh chemicals not designed for skin contact.  Otherwise you’ll be dealing with itchy hands and uncomfortable gloves next time you put your gloves on.

Vapor Fresh Is Specifically Designed To Eliminate Sweat Odors

Sweat odors are no laughing matter.  It takes some real cleaning power to get to the source of these odors and eliminate them for good.  Unfortunately most products simply aren’t up for the challenge because that’s not what they were designed for.  On the other hand, that’s exactly what Vapor Fresh was designed for!  Vapor Fresh is amazing at penetrating deep into the material, neutralizing odors at their source and leaving boxing gloves smelling fresh.

Vapor Fresh Won't Ruin Your Boxing Gloves Like Other Sprays Will

Some cleaning products leave sticky residues.  Others leave slippery residues.  The really bad ones leave your gloves feeling rough and uncomfortable.  Vapor Fresh was designed as a leave-on spray for all sports equipment and has been tested to not leave any sort of residue or ruin materials.  With Vapor Fresh, you’re in good hands.

Vapor Fresh Is A Powerful Plant Based Cleaner

The secret to Vapor Fresh is its proprietary blend of four plant based essential oils.  Together, they quickly and simultaneously eliminate odors at their source and leave behind a nice, refreshing, gender neutral scent perfect for everyone.

Vapor Fresh Comes In Two Convenient Sizes

Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaning Spray comes in two convenient sizes: our standard 16-oz spray for everyday use, and our smaller 4-oz travel size spray that easily fits in gym bags to clean and deodorize your gear on the go.

What’s The Best Way To Clean Your Boxing Gear?

Using Vapor Fresh to deodorize your boxing gloves is only half the battle. Use Vapor Fresh as part of a larger cleaning routine to ensure you never have to deal with stinky boxing gloves ever again.

How To Clean Your Boxing Equipment Properly

Cleaning your boxing gloves after every use will help keep them in top shape and help prevent lingering odors from developing in the first place.  And it doesn’t take much effort either!  What we typically recommend is to first wipe down the outside of your boxing glove with either a gym wipe or Vapor Fresh Spray and a microfiber towel.  The wiping action will help eliminate any blood, dirt and debris.  Next you’ll want to spray Vapor Fresh inside the boxing gloves and allow them to air dry.  From there, you’re good to go!

How To Clean Your Boxing Hand Wraps Properly

Boxing hand wraps are fantastic because they soak up the sweat before it gets to your boxing glove.  Using boxing hand wraps will significantly increase the life of your boxing gloves and help reduce deep lingering odors within your boxing gloves.  But that just shifts the problems of stinky boxing gloves to stinky boxing hand wraps.  Luckily, boxing hand wraps are much easier to clean.  Most of them can simply be tossed in the washing machine.  Or for quicker solutions, you can also wash them in the sink, spray them with Vapor Fresh and then let them air dry before rolling them back up.

How To Prevent Odors In Your Boxing Gloves

Prevention makes a huge difference when it comes to keeping your boxing equipment in the best shape possible.

Always Wash Your Hands Before Boxing

Since odors come from germs, washing your hands prior to putting on your wraps and gloves will prevent most germs from entering the glove in the first place.  If you want to go the extra step, you can also use hand sanitizer prior to putting your gloves on as well.  By doing this, you’ll make the after-round cleaning process that much easier.

Always Air Out Your Gloves

After every use and after your cleaning routine, you must allow your boxing gloves to dry completely in a well ventilated area. Letting them soak in sweat in an unventilated area encourages odor-causing bacteria to thrive.

What Should You Avoid Spraying In Your Boxing Gloves?

Vapor Fresh is the safest thing you can spray into your boxing gloves. It won’t irritate your hands and it won’t ruin your boxing gloves.  But many chemicals will.  Here are some things you should avoid spraying into your boxing gloves:

Never Clean Your Boxing Gloves With Rubbing Alcohol

If your gloves are made of leather you’ll want to avoid rubbing alcohol at all costs.  Even if your gloves are not made of leather, rubbing alcohol can severely dry them out and cause parts of it to crack and deform.  In concept rubbing alcohol is a good idea, but in practice it’s risky to spray into your boxing gloves.

Never Clean Your Boxing Gloves With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide should also be avoided if your gloves are leather.  And even if they aren’t leather, Hydrogen peroxide is extremely corrosive to many different materials, which could cause your gloves to discolor, crack and become rough and uncomfortable.  We don’t recommend spraying your boxing gloves with hydrogen peroxide.  You may not notice any negative consequences with one spray, but over time you will notice your gloves becoming worn down much quicker than usual.

Never Clean Your Boxing Gloves With Traditional Household Cleaners

Traditional household cleaners are great at cleaning hard surfaces like kitchen counters and showers, however they should be completely avoided on all sports equipment including boxing gloves because they aren’t meant to come in direct contact with your skin. Most traditional household cleaners are full of harsh quats, surfactants, fragrances and preservatives that can cause serious skin and eye irritation - not exactly something you want on your sports equipment and skin frequently.

Trust Vapor Fresh With All Your Boxing Cleaning Needs

When it comes to eliminating tough sports odors, let Vapor Fresh get the job done right.  From cleaning sprays to disinfecting wipes, we’ve got you covered no matter what sports you’re playing or what gym you’re running.

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