How To Properly Deodorize Ski & Snowboarding Helmets

How To Properly Deodorize Skiing & Snowboarding Helmets

Hitting the slopes is a serious workout.  And with any serious workout comes sweat.  For skiing and snowboarding, there’s usually a LOT of sweat.

And that means a smelly helmet.

Here’s how you can clean and deodorize your skiing and snowboarding helmet properly to keep it smelling fresh and clean for seasons to come.

1. Start The Drying Process As Soon As Possible

The moment you unstrap from your skis or snowboard, you should begin the drying process.  Yes, even before you hit après.

We do this because germs are the root of that nasty odor, and germs thrive in moist environments.  The longer your ski helmet remains wet, the longer the germs have to multiply.  So in order to eliminate that odor, you need to make it harder for germs to thrive!

Kick off the drying process by wiping your helmet down inside and out with a microfiber towel. From there, keep it somewhere to allow the air drying process to begin.

2. Use A Safe & Effective Sports Deodorizing Spray

A microfiber towel and air drying will only get you halfway there.  To truly keep your helmet smelling great, you need to use a deodorizing spray specifically meant for sweaty sports gear.  And Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaning Spray is by far your best option.

Vapor Fresh Spray is the perfect ski helmet deodorizing spray for a few reasons:

Vapor Fresh Spray is all-natural, non-irritating and non-toxic

Whatever you spray in your helmet will eventually come in direct contact with your head and hair. Be sure you choose a cleaning spray that won’t cause any irritation, rashes or itchiness.  That wouldn’t be good!

Vapor Fresh is specifically designed for all sports pads that will come in direct contact with your body, which is why it only uses safe plant-based ingredients that won’t cause any skin problems.

Vapor Fresh Spray is designed to eliminate sports odors

That smell in your ski helmet is no match for Vapor Fresh.  Vapor Fresh is designed to eliminate the toughest sport odors imaginable, including hockey equipment odors, boxing glove odors, yoga mat odors, shoe odors and much more.

Vapor Fresh Spray won’t leave a sticky residue

Vapor Fresh Spray does not need to be wiped away after spraying.  It will not leave any sort of sticky residue behind, making it one of the best sprays for deodorizing helmets.

Vapor Fresh Spray won’t deteriorate your helmet

Your helmet isn’t a piece of equipment you want to mess around with.  It’s job is to protect your brain.  Many cleaning products are very corrosive and can damage materials on sports and gym equipment.  Not Vapor Fresh!  Vapor Fresh will not deteriorate your equipment, ensuring that it looks, smells and performs great for years to come.

3. Store Your Helmet In A Place With Good Airflow Until Next Use

Bags are great for transportation but not necessarily for storage because as we mentioned, germs thrive in dark and moist environments. Bags prevent your helmet from accessing light and airflow.

Instead, we highly suggest hanging your helmet on a coat rack hook or somewhere else where it can get full exposure to the air around it.  And if your helmet has vents built in, be sure to leave them open while it’s being stored away to maximize the air flow.

One thing to keep in mind is you do want to protect your helmet from rapid changes in temperature while it’s being stored.  So you definitely don’t want to keep it in your garage where temperatures change all the time, or in a utility closet next to heating and cooling systems.

Choose Vapor Fresh For All Your Sports Cleaning Needs

Vapor Fresh is the #1 brand for sports cleaning products because we pride ourselves on developing the strongest, safest and best value products. We’ve been around for over a decade and have thousands of happy 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Next time you need to clean anything sweaty and smelly, including your skiing and snowboarding equipment, go with Vapor Fresh!

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