How To Clean & Deodorize Ice Hockey Skates

How To Clean & Deodorize Ice Hockey Skates

Ice hockey players do not encounter the traditional dirt and grime that are found on fields and in gyms. Yet hockey equipment is still some of the smelliest sports equipment around.

Sweat accumulation coupled with smelly feet is a recipe for some seriously smelly ice hockey skates. Hockey skates are an expensive investment, so it’s critical you keep them in good condition and smelling fresh for years to come.

How to Property Clean & Deodorize Ice Hockey Skates

Here’s how you can go on the offense against those tough odors in your ice hockey skates!

Step 1: Wipe Down Your Ice Hockey Skates & Loosen Your Laces

Using a towel or microfiber cloth, wipe the skates down to remove excess water and any lingering ice. Wiping your skates down after each practice or game helps them begin to dry faster. This is important to the overall health and longevity of your skates!

Next, loosen your skate’s laces and pull out the tongue as much as possible. This helps the skates breathe and preps them for cleaning the hard-to-reach spots deep within the boot.

Step 2: Spray The Inside Of The Boot With Vapor Fresh

Next, you’ll want to use the best spray for deodorizing hockey equipment on the market: Vapor Fresh! Spray Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaning Spray in the inside of the skates and let it sit to work its magic. From the first spray, Vapor Fresh’s plant-based formula penetrates into the padding of your ice hockey skates to lift and eliminate sweat and odors.

Vapor Fresh provides a powerful clean for stinky skates because it is:

Formulated to remove tough ice hockey odors: Vapor Fresh was originally created for ice hockey pads, so its formula targets the unique challenges of lifting the odors from both sweat and being on the ice. Vapor Fresh lifts and neutralizes these odors at their source, leaving you with fresh, clean hockey equipment every time you use them.

Residue-free: Vapor Fresh’s residue-free formula means no sticky equipment, ever!

Clean and non-toxic: Vapor Fresh is free from common chemicals and additives that can cause skin irritation and damage expensive hockey equipment.

Vapor Fresh is an integral part of a proper ice hockey equipment cleaning routine.

Step 3: Air Dry Completely

Finally, let your skates air dry with the laces still loosened and the tongue stretched. This ensures your skates dry completely so you can get back on the ice as soon as possible.

Make sure you dry your skates in a place with good airflow. Do not dry them in your car, hockey bag or in another enclosed space. This can lead to mildew and other unpleasant odors.

How Often Should I Clean My Ice Hockey Skates?

Ideally, you should clean your skates each time you wear them. Not only does it keep your skates smelling fresh, it ensures your skates stay in great condition and helps prevent them from causing discomfort. No one wants blisters from unnecessary friction!

Short on time? We have you covered with Vapor Fresh’s Natural Sports Cleaning Spray Travel Size! Simply spray and go with this travel-sized bottle that puts the power of Vapor Fresh in your pocket, hockey bag or locker.

What Else Can I Do to Tackle Tough Ice Hockey Skate Odors?

In addition to using Vapor Fresh, here are a couple of additional things you can do keep your skates smelling fresh:

Wear clean socks: Put on a fresh pair of socks each time you skate!

Use baking soda: Sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda in the inside of the skates after you deodorize them to keep them smelling fresh longer. Remember to shake them out completely before use so you don’t cause any irritation.

Store smartly: Store your ice hockey skates in a place with good airflow to avoid unpleasant odors that can embed themselves deep into the skates.

Can My Ice Hockey Skates Go in the Washing Machine?

Unfortunately, ice hockey skates cannot be washed in the washing machine, and it goes without saying that they cannot be dried in a dryer either! If you think they need a deeper clean, read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to deep clean them.

Keep Your Feet Out of the Box with Vapor Fresh!

Regularly cleaning and deodorizing your ice hockey skates keeps them fresh and greatly contributes to the overall health of your skates. Just a few minutes of your time, and a few sprays of Vapor Fresh, will keep your skates in great condition for years to come.

With Vapor Fresh by your side, you can count on a clean that’s safe for both you and your skates. Grab a bottle today and crush the rink stink!

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