Best Football Equipment Cleaning Spray

Best Football Equipment Cleaning Spray

It’s no secret that football equipment gets smelly fast! So when it comes to football equipment cleaning sprays, you need one that goes on the offense against sweat and odors.

You also need a sports cleaning spray that is safe, non-toxic and won’t damage the football equipment or irritate your skin.

You need a spray that tackles tough odors head on, and that spray is Vapor Fresh® Sports Cleaner & Deodorizer. Since 2008, Vapor Fresh has provided tens of thousands of athletes, families and teams with a plant-based clean that eliminates even the toughest football odors.

Ready to reclaim your house, car and gym back from smelling like a football locker room? Here’s why Vapor Fresh is the best football equipment cleaning spray!

Why Use a Football Equipment Cleaning Spray?

A football equipment cleaning spray is a great investment towards keeping your equipment smelling fresh and performing well for years to come.

Not all equipment can be washed in the washing machine. Using a football equipment cleaning spray ensures all your equipment receives a powerful clean and keeps its structural integrity.

What to Look For in a Football Equipment Cleaning Spray

As a general rule, you’ll want to avoid sprays with long lists of ingredients. Instead, prioritize natural cleaning sprays like Vapor Fresh that have a list of a few simple ingredients. In addition, you’ll also want to make sure your spray is:

  • Specifically formulated for cleaning sports equipment
  • Non-toxic and non-irritating
  • Free from artificial fragrances
  • Does not include alcohol or quats

Why Vapor Fresh Is the Best Football Equipment Cleaning Spray

When it comes to the best natural cleaning spray, Vapor Fresh has everything you’re looking for:

Formulated to Lift Tough Odors, Not Just Mask Them

Vapor Fresh has a two-pronged approach for tackling tough odors: Its proprietary blend of four essential oils works to eliminate the root cause of the odors, while its gentle surfactant lifts away oils and debris from your equipment. The result? Truly clean football equipment!

Contains No Chemicals that Can Damage Your Equipment

Vapor Fresh is free from quats, alcohol, artificial fragrances and other chemicals and additives that can damage your football equipment. Using this natural cleaning spray protects your investment in your equipment and ensures it stays clean!


There’s nothing worse than equipment that feels sticky on the skin! Vapor Fresh’s residue-free formula won’t irritate your skin or cause friction that can lead to blisters and other discomforts.

Skin Safe

Unlike traditional cleaning sprays, Vapor Fresh was designed to be completely free of skin irritants. Whatever you spray on your football gear will eventually come in contact with your skin. With Vapor Fresh, you don’t have to worry about annoying skin irritation!

Provides a Powerful Clean On-The-Go

Short on time or in the middle of two-a-days? With a few sprays, Vapor Fresh Natural Sports Cleaning Spray Travel Size keeps you smelling fresh no matter where you are. It’s the perfect size to keep in your gym bag, locker, backpack or even on the bus!

Can I Use Vapor Fresh to Clean All My Football Equipment?

Yes! Vapor Fresh Spray is perfect for cleaning all your football equipment, especially for cleaning football helmets. The only thing you should not spray Vapor Fresh on is the outside of your football gloves as it could mess with the grip. However, it is safe to use inside of your gloves.

How Do I Use Vapor Fresh to Clean My Football Equipment?

First, prep everything to easily spray them down. Turn your padding inside out where possible, lay your helmet on its side, and loosen the laces on your cleats to let them breathe. You’ll want to target the areas where sweat gathers and lingers the most.

Next, spray everything down with Vapor Fresh. It only takes a couple of sprays to start eliminating the sweat and odors trapped in fabric and protective padding.

Finally, let your equipment air dry completely before storing it away. The key to success is ensuring that nothing is still damp – otherwise, it can become a breeding ground for even more unpleasant odors than what you started with!

Tackle Tough Odors With The Best Football Equipment Cleaning Spray: Vapor Fresh!

When you need to tackle tough football odors, Vapor Fresh is the best option on the market. It’s the premiere choice for athletes who care about protecting their equipment, smelling fresh and keeping their skin free from irritation without sacrificing a powerful clean.

Grab a bottle today and keep your football equipment fresh and clean!

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