What Is The Ideal Temperature And Humidity For A Gym?

What Is The Ideal Temperature And Humidity For A Gym?

Whether you're opening a new facility this year, or spring cleaning your current gym, it’s important to get the basics correct. Creating the ideal temperature and humidity inside your gym translates to better health and comfort levels for your members and staff, as well as keeping exercise equipment in tip-top condition. So, let's check on those numbers.

What's the Ideal Temperature in a Gym?

There's a delicate balance between keeping those involved in high-impact workouts cool and those gently stretching warm. But, all of them will eventually raise their core body temperatures as they exercise, so choose a cooler setting than your home's living room temperature. Dial the thermostat to 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and listen for feedback around the facility to adjust from there as necessary.

You don't want the temperature in your gym to be too high, or guests risk overexerting their cardiovascular systems. However, in areas such as yoga rooms or indoor pools, the temperature can be warmer. It's not uncommon for a yoga studio to set the ambient temperature up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and sometimes even hotter for hot yoga flows. Pool facilities usually set their thermostats between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you have a zoned locker room area with its own dedicated thermostat, keep it at a cozy 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, the common range for most homes.

What's the Best Humidity Level for a Gym?

When it comes to moisture levels in the air, maintaining the humidity in a gym can be tricky. Pools, saunas, perspiration and shower rooms all add moisture droplets, which means your facility may have differing humidity levels in various areas. Most gyms have both humidifiers and dehumidifiers as part of the HVAC system to help regulate comfort and cleanliness in the gym. With that said, your gym should be between 40 to 55 percent humidity year round, depending on the room you're in and how many guests are sweating their way through a workout.

Higher humidity levels can reduce the transmissibility of air-borne viruses (think common colds, the flu and coronavirus), so when in doubt, set the HVAC system to keep humidity levels above 40 percent. When humidity drops, illness numbers tend to spike.

It’s also best to keep temperature and humidity as consistent as possible. They will obviously fluctuate throughout the year as the seasons come and go, but quick spikes or drops in temperature and humidity levels should be avoided to keep your equipment and flooring in the best shape possible.

Remember: Where moisture lingers, so do germs. Routine cleaning of gym equipment and high-contact surfaces are a must. Be sure to provide disinfecting wipe dispensers so your guests can easily clean yoga mats, gym benches and weight machines, giving both you and them peace of mind for a healthy, enjoyable workout.

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