How To Find The Best Price For Disinfecting Gym Wipes

How To Find The Best Price For Disinfecting Gym Wipes

Gyms are businesses. And like all businesses, keeping costs under control is essential in order to make money and continue to operate. With purchases like cleaning supplies, it’s especially important to get the lowest price possible for the best available product, so money can be spent on more client-focused things such as newer, better equipment. But is your gym really getting the best price possible on gym wipes? Chances are they’re not, and they’re unnecessarily overpaying for what they have.

Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes are under 2.3 cents per wipe. We challenge you to find a lower priced gym wipe! Here are some things to look for to make sure your gym is not unnecessarily overpaying for gym wipes and if it would make sense to switch to Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes--


The real number you want to shop around for is total cost-per-wipe. This means taking all expenses into account, including shipping if you’re charged for that, and divide by how many total wipes you’re getting. Because gym wipe rolls come in all different sizes and quantities, there’s a lot more that goes into proper price comparison than just looking at the final price--

How many wipes per roll?
Most rolls of gym wipes contain 700-900 wipes per roll. If you’re lucky, you might find a roll with 1,000 wipes. Obviously more is better, because it means less time swapping out old rolls for new, as long as the roll fits in your dispenser and the price-per-wipe remains constant.

How many rolls per case?
Gym wipes are a high-volume product, so they are usually sold by the case. It’s important to know how many rolls you’re getting per case. Most cases contain 2-4 rolls, although obviously more is better because it means more efficient shipping and storage.

Is shipping free or extra?
A case of gym wipes is rather heavy and fairly expensive to ship, so if shipping is not included, it will add a significant amount to your final cost. There’s no true preference between shipping included or free shipping as long as you calculate the final cost-per-wipe. Since most providers that do charge shipping don’t tell you the price until you arrive at the checkout page, it’s a bit harder to price shop with these sources. Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes have free shipping, so you don’t have to worry about that here!


Even though Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes are by far the lowest cost-per-wipe option around for gym wipes, we also pride ourselves on being the highest quality gym wipe available that's better for gym equipment, gym goers, gym staff and our environment. No longer do you have to sacrifice quality for price, because Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes have a whole host of benefits other than our low price--

Free of Quaternary ammonium compounds
There’s actually a movement in California to have these chemicals eliminated from schools and child care facilities because there have been studies suggesting they cause new cases of asthma and other lung sensitivities (source, source, source). On top of that, they also do not degrade well and therefore build up in our water sources, and because they are very toxic to aquatic life, they pose a serious threat to our ecosystem as well. A gym wipe contains quaternary ammonium compounds if they contain any of these listed as an active ingredient--
"Benzalkonium chloride"
"Octyl decyl dimethyl ammonium chloride"
"Dioctyl dimethyl ammonium chloride"
"Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride"
"Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride"
"Alkyl dimethyl Ethylbenzyl ammonium chloride"

Free of Phenols
Phenols have been labeled a carcinogen by the state of California. They also have a painfully slow “kill time” to disinfect surfaces-- it’s usually about 10 minutes, which is an unrealistically long time, so in practice wipes with phenols probably aren’t even disinfecting your gym equipment. Phenols are also notorious for being absorbed very fast through your skin, so think twice if you think only handling these wipes for a few moments while cleaning equipment can do no harm. Overall, they’re just an outdated, cheap alternative to legitimate gym wipes. A gym wipe contains phenols if it contains any variation of these chemicals listed as an active ingredient--

Free of Bleach
Bleach is a well-known and cheap disinfectant, but a lot of new worrying research has come to light as of late, which is why the same movement trying to eliminate quaternary ammonium compounds from schools and childcare facilities is also trying to eliminate bleach disinfectants as well. Bleach is highly corrosive, meaning it can cause serious damage to gym equipment and to the human body. It actually requires a warning on it stating it can cause “irreversible eye damage”. Four different state health departments identified 43 separate cases of “new onset asthma” that was directly contributed to being in close proximity to bleach cleaning products. Bleach also easily enters our water sources and contaminates it. Overall, it’s an effective disinfectant, but it comes at as significant health, maintenance and environmental cost. You can identify products that are bleach-based when they list the following as their active ingredient:
"sodium hypochlorite"

Fast disinfecting time
One of the leading gym wipe brands has a disinfecting time of 10-minutes. That means that in order to disinfect a surface with them, the surface needs to stay visibly wet for ten whole minutes. Because the surface would dry up well before ten minutes, you’d have to wipe down a surface multiple times in order to actually disinfect it. In comparison, Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes have a much more reasonable kill-time of 5-minutes-- literally twice as fast.

High quality woven fabric
Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes are made from a fine woven fabric that feels great in your hands. It’s also 100% recyclable.

Ecofriendly and safer for the environment
Not only are Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipe recyclable, but because they do not contain bleach, phenol or quaternary ammonium compounds -- all chemicals that are toxic to aquatic life that leech into our water supply and harming the ecosystem -- they're much easier on the environment on many levels.

Are you ready to use safer, more effective and more affordable gym wipes? Learn more!

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