How To Eliminate Odor From Your Allbirds For Good

How To Eliminate Odor From Your Allbirds For Good

They're your go-to outdoor running companion. They also accompany you to the gym. Sometimes you even wear them to work.

Yes, Allbirds really are that comfortable and versatile. But with so much use, especially if you don't wear socks with them, they can build up an odor even worse than typical sneakers. Let's kick those bad smells to the curb and freshen your favorite shoes ASAP.

Here at Vapor Fresh we specialize in developing products to help you eliminate even the toughest sweat odors, and the sweat odors from your Allbirds are no different. Follow these tips and tricks to keep your Allbirds fresh and clean at all times.

Preventing Odor Is The Name Of The Game With Allbirds

Odors are caused by odor-causing bacteria. Those bacteria are difficult to eliminate completely once they've settled in, so the best thing you can do to ensure your Allbirds last a long time is to prevent those odor-causing bacteria from settling in your shoes to begin with.

Here are some tips to prevent those odors and odor-causing bacteria from forming in the first place:

Eliminate Moisture When Not In Use. Germs thrive in dark, moist, stale environments. After you wear your Allbirds, you should ensure they have time to air out in a well ventilated area to make it difficult for those germs to thrive. Immediately tossing your Allbirds in a gym bag, a closet, or leaving them in your car are not the most ideal options. If you have a pair of Allbirds with laces, it also helps to loosen the laces to allow for increased the air flow deeper into the shoe.

Wear Socks. We know this goes against the point of Allbirds for most people, but one of the easiest ways to prevent moisture from being deposited into your shoes is to wear socks. Socks will soak up sweat from your feet before it ever gets into your shoes.

Use A Sweat Deodorizing Spray Like Vapor Fresh

Eliminating moisture is the first step, but to really kick odors from your Allbirds you should be using a safe deodorizing spray designed for shoes like Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaning Spray. Vapor Fresh is the best cleaning and deodorizing spray for Allbirds for a few reason:

Zero Harsh Chemicals. Vapor Fresh Spray is non-irritating and non-toxic. So even if you go sockless and your skin comes in contact with any leftover spray, you won't have any skin irritation issues like you would with most other deodorizing sprays.

Powerful Odor Elimination. Vapor Fresh Spray was designed to eliminate the toughest odors from sweat in things like ice hockey pads, football equipment, boxing gloves, yoga mats, gym equipment, and especially footwear. It's plant-based formula utilizes the cleaning power of plants to safely and effectively eliminate odors.

Smells Amazing. Eliminating odors is great. But Vapor Fresh Spray also leaves your Allbirds smelling fresh, clean and ready to go. You have to smell it for yourself to believe it.

Can You Wash Allbirds In The Washing Machine?

Thankfully, most Allbirds are machine washable and can be tossed in with your next load of laundry on a cold water, gentle cycle. It is important to look up the washing instructions of your specific model, but in general as long as you remove the insoles and laces and wash on gentle cycle with cold water you should be fine. For more specific guidance, check out our washing instructions for your Allbirds here.

Can You Put Allbirds In The Dryer?

We strongly advise against putting your Allbirds in a dryer. In fact, we strongly recommend using any external source of heat on your Allbirds. Yes, it is important to dry them out quickly and thoroughly to prevent odor-causing bacteria, but it's best to stick with natural air drying in well ventilated areas. Strong external heat sources like dryers and hair dryers provide too much concentrated heat to your Allbirds, which can permanently deform the materials.

For Those With Extra Sweaty Feet, Do This

We're gym-lovers too and understand that some people just naturally sweat more. To help eliminate excess moisture, it helps to sprinkle in some baking soda in your Allbirds after use. Be sure to sprinkle the baking soda in after you spray them down with Vapor Fresh. It's also important to shake out all the baking soda prior to putting them back on to ensure they fit well and the excess baking soda doesn't cause any friction irritation.

Trust Vapor Fresh To Deodorize All Your Sweaty Gear

There you have it, all of our best tips and tricks to keep your Allbirds smelling, looking and feeling as fresh as new!

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