How To Clean & Deodorize Soccer Goalie Gloves

How To Clean & Deodorize Soccer Goalie Gloves

Soccer goalies leave everything they have on the field.  With that much effort comes an enormous amount of sweat and odor - and goalie gloves get the worst of it.

How do you properly clean your soccer goalie gloves after a match to ensure they hold up over time without burning a hole through your nose?

Here at Vapor Fresh, we develop safer plant based cleaning products for the sports and fitness industry, so we know a thing or two about how to eliminate nasty sports smells!

These are our tips on how to clean and deodorize your soccer gloves to ensure they look and smell as fresh as new for as long as possible!

Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning and Deodorizing Soccer Goalie Gloves

Follow this simple four step cleaning process on your soccer goalie gloves after every practice and game and they will last you a very long time.

Step 1: Start cleaning them as soon as possible

Be sure to start cleaning all your soccer equipment as quickly as possible after use. Avoid the temptation to bury your gloves inside your soccer bag or leave them in your car for an extended period of time before cleaning them first.

The longer you wait to clean your gloves, the longer odor-causing bacteria have to barricade themselves in your gloves and the harder they will be to eliminate.

Step 2: Run gloves under warm water

Next, you'll want to run your goalie gloves under warm water.  Avoid hot water because it will compromise the materials in and on your glove.  Avoid cold water because it doesn't clean as thoroughly either. And avoid soap because it will damage the grip.

In order to ensure your gloves last as long as possible, it's also important to avoid rubbing the gloves together while you rinse them.  That could severely impact the padding, latex and grip of the glove.

Also avoid using a washer or dryer. The heat, soap and agitation of both machines will surely reduce the life of your soccer gloves, and you can get the same level of clean simply by running them under warm water anyway, which is safer, quicker and easier.

Step 3: Allow your gloves to dry naturally

Odor-causing bacteria thrive in dark moist environments, so drying your gloves is an important part of the overall cleaning process. 

After washing your goalie gloves, you'll want to ensure all the water dries away quickly and completely. We recommend allowing them to dry naturally by letting them sit out in an area with ample air flow.

It's not recommended to use artificial heat from a hair dryer or clothes dryer as that excess heat will warp and deform the padding and grip on your gloves permanently. Patience goes a long way here!

Step 4: Use a sports deodorizing spray that knocks out odor

Even after that cleaning process, you'll want to give your goalie gloves one last boost of cleaning power by spraying them down inside and out with Vapor Fresh. This will eliminate any last lingering odors and leave behind a nice refreshing scent, ensuring your gloves last you a very long time.

Why Vapor Fresh Is The Best Soccer Glove Cleaning Spray

Unlike traditional cleaning products, Vapor Fresh is designed to penetrate deep into sports equipment to eliminate odors safely and effectively without damaging any of the components. It's trusted by gyms and sports teams everywhere for a number of reasons:

It's a plant-based solution.

Vapor Fresh is powered by four plant based essential oils.  It's completely free of harsh chemicals found in other sprays like quats, alcohol and artificial fragrances.

It won’t irritate your skin.

Because Vapor Fresh is completely free of skin irritants found in most other sprays, it won’t irritate your skin when your gloves and other sports pads inevitably come in direct contact with your skin.

It eliminates odors effectively.

Vapor Fresh is designed to go to work immediately, neutralizing even the toughest odors caused by sweat and bacteria.  That's why it's popular not only for deodorizing soccer gear, but also for deodorizing hockey equipment, deodorizing boxing gloves and even deodorizing shoes!

People love it.

Vapor Fresh has been a best seller on Amazon since 2013 with thousands of five-star reviews and a 4.6 out of 5 rating. It's stood the test of time!

Can I Put My Goalie Gloves Through The Washer Or Dryer?

Due to the latex, padding and grip used on modern soccer goalie gloves, it is important to avoid using a washer or dryer. Laundry detergent, friction and heat will cause permanent damage to them.

Instead, always clean them by hand using the steps above and allow them to fully dry in an open-air environment.

If you're in a pinch for time, it's always easiest and safest to simply get a few sprays of Vapor Fresh in each glove and allow them to air dry.

How To Eliminate Odors From Goalie Gloves?

The name of the game when it comes to odor elimination of goalie gloves is to simply clean them after every use and to allow them to air dry quickly and completely before storing them away.  Vapor Fresh is also a vital part of that process too!

Trust Vapor Fresh For All Your Soccer Cleaning Needs!

When you want to eliminate those smelly odors from your soccer gear so it doesn't attack you in your car, garage, home or locker room, trust that Vapor Fresh can get it done quickly, safely and effectively!

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