How To Clean A Hockey Helmet

How To Clean A Hockey Helmet

Hockey hair is a staple across the sport. Long flowing locks waving out the back of a helmet have been around since the game’s humble beginnings.

Unfortunately, hockey helmets are a breeding ground for unpleasant odors and bacteria. That can easily ruin the perfect flow. The best way to proactively fight this odor is to attack it with the best hockey cleaning spray as soon as you get off the ice.

Follow along for tips on how to keep your hockey helmet clean and fresh!

Use Vapor Fresh To Keep Your Head In The Game!

Hockey is notorious for foul smelling equipment, especially helmets. A mixture of dirt, sweat, and bacteria make the helmet highly susceptible for unpleasant odors.

It doesn’t matter your age, height, weight or skill level, the helmet stench is always there. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent it by actively cleaning and deodorizing your helmet after each practice and game.

But you can’t use just any cleaning spray. Vapor Fresh is the best hockey helmet cleaning spray for a few reasons:

It’s Natural. The last thing you want is for your head to be itchy and irritated while you’re on that game-winning breakaway. Our all-natural active ingredients won’t cause you any issues.

It’s Free Of Harsh Chemicals. You think it’s bad getting sweat in your eyes, imagine some sweat laced with harsh chemicals dripping in your eye because you used a spray filled with chemicals. Vapor Fresh is free of the common culprits like alcohol, quats and bleach.

It Smells Great. Vapor Fresh was specifically designed for sports pads and fitness equipment. Other cleaning spray which will leave you smelling like a perfume store. Vapor Fresh will leave you smelling like a fresh mountain breeze.

It’s Strong Enough To Fight The Hockey Stink. Usually you have to choose between safe natural products and strong effective products. Not any more. Even though Vapor Fresh is plant-based and natural, it’s strong enough to eliminate even the toughest hockey odors.

You can read about more reasons Vapor Fresh is the best cleaning spray for your hockey equipment in our blog post, The Best Cleaning Spray For Hockey Equipment.

Ok, now you’re ready to use Vapor Fresh to clean your hockey helmet. Here’s how:

First, Apply Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaning Spray

It is very important to get the cleaning process started as soon as possible. This means right when you get off the ice your cleaning routine should begin. Do not leave your sweaty helmet to rot away in your hockey bag!

First, apply Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaning Spray to the interior of your helmet. Just 3-4 sprays should be enough to keep it smelling fresh.

Next, Let Your Hockey Helmet Completely Dry Before Repacking

After spraying your helmet, it is essential to let your hockey helmet completely dry before putting it back into your bag.

By drying out your helmet before repacking it into your bag, you allow your helmet to return to a fresh, dry, odor-free state where bacteria won’t be able to thrive. This process usually takes only a couple of hours, but for the best results we recommend that you leave your helmet out overnight instead of in your hockey bag. If you must leave it in your hockey bag, at least leave the bag open to allow for proper air circulation!

Lastly, How Often Should You Clean Your Hockey Helmet?

You may be wondering how often you should be cleaning and deodorizing your hockey helmet. Unfortunately, unlike your shoulder pads and shin guards, your helmet cannot be deep cleaned in the washing machine. Therefore it’s imperative to follow this quick and easy routine after every practice and game so you can enjoy your helmet for years to come.

The Solution Is Simple

Your hockey helmet (and hockey hair) are in the safest, freshest hands with Vapor Fresh Natural Sports Cleaning Spray. The spray was specifically designed to eliminate the harshest hockey odors and keep your hockey equipment fresh and clean without the use of chemicals, artificial fragrances and quats. It is especially good at cleaning and deodorizing the toughest interior surfaces like hockey helmets.

It’s time to get your head in the game…literally! Grab a bottle for yourself today.

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