Are Gym Wipes Deteriorating Your Gym Equipment?

Are Gym Wipes Deteriorating Your Gym Equipment?

Did you know average gym wipes can make your gym equipment age much faster than they’re supposed to?

Many gym owners and operators believe that having to re-upholster gym equipment, such as benches, every 3-5 years is just the normal life-cycle of a bench. The unfortunate fact is that the culprits for wear-and-tear on gym equipment is not regular use at all, but actually cleaning supplies that are used to clean them.

Obviously everyone wants a clean, presentable, well-maintained gym. Not keeping up with proper maintenance can actually harm a gym’s business-- lack of cleanliness and well-maintained equipment is one of the top 3 most common complaints for gyms on Yelp.

Fortunately, the best gym wipes for keeping gym equipment looking newer for longer is also the lowest-cost gym wipe around!


A third-party lab took Vapor Fresh® Gym Wipes as well as a quaternary ammonium-based wipe (the most common gym wipe ingredient), a phenol-based wipe and a hydrogen peroxide wipe and wiped down an upholstery surface, exactly like what you’d find on a gym bench, over 43,000 times. They then analyzed how the surfaces changed over time.

With Vapor Fresh® Gym Wipes, which is a citric-acid based disinfectant, there were no signs of deterioration or damage. With all three other active ingredients, there were various levels of deterioration, some pretty startling. Think cracking upholstery and ripping seams. This is a known safety issue for rock-climbing equipment, but obviously contributes to wear-and-tear of gym equipment as well.

Keep your gym clean and your equipment looking newer for longer by using a disinfecting gym wipe that does not ruin your gym equipment. Switch to Vapor Fresh® Gym Wipes today!

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