4 Best Dispensers For Disinfecting Wipes

4 Best Dispensers For Disinfecting Wipes

If you need to provide disinfecting wipes in a high volume area, it’s best to purchase jumbo refill rolls of disinfectant wipes to get the best value per wipe possible. But in order to properly dispense these wipes, you need to put them in wipe dispensers.

Here are four different dispensers that vary in price, quality and aesthetics - we promise there’s something for everyone!

wipe dispensers

Metal Wipe Dispensing Stand With Built In Trash Bin

These wipe dispensers and trash bins combinations are the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to wipe dispensers. They look sleek and are very user-friendly. If you’re aiming to provide the best experience possible and give off a very professional, luxury vibe, this is the dispenser for you.  

One thing to note are the variations between different vendors and suppliers within this category. The gold-standard would be ones that are made in America as they tend to have sturdier bases and better construction quality, such as the floor stand wipe dispensers that we offer in multiple different finishes. Majority of the dispensers produced overseas have imbalanced weight distribution and lower quality design that may lead to a less-than-stellar experience for the users.

metal wall wipe mounted dispensers

Metal Wall Mounted Wipe Dispenser

The most common wipe dispenser is a plastic wall-mounted wipe dispenser, however the biggest issue with them is their durability - hinges break, dispensing mechanisms become faulty and in general they don’t last very long. The solution to this was to upgrade the construction from cheap plastic to sturdy metal, just like our metal wall-mounted wipe dispensers.

These metal wall-mounted dispensers are the best of both worlds in that they don’t take up any floor space but they still exude luxury and quality without breaking the bank. And since they are made from higher quality materials, they will last much longer than their plastic counterparts.

plastic wall mounted dispenser

Plastic Wall Mounted Wipe Dispenser

These are the most popular types of wipe dispensers, especially within gyms. However, due to their fragile design and lack of durability, we typically do not recommend these dispensers.

The cost savings from choosing a plastic wall dispenser may not be as substantial as expected when you account for the costs to fix and replace them frequently - and trust us, you will have to repair and replace them more than you think. When it comes to the brand and aesthetics of a gym, these dispensers don’t provide the best experience either.

plastic wipe dispensing bucket

Bucket With Wipe Dispensing Lid

A bucket with a wipe dispensing lid is going to be your cheapest and most mobile option, but it will also be the least aesthetically pleasing. We typically recommend wipe buckets only for temporary situations, and even then, it usually makes more sense to simply purchase gym wipe canisters instead. If you’re looking for a permanent wipe dispenser, these buckets are not your best option.

Don’t Skimp On Wipe Dispensers - Invest In Your Business!

Pricing for wipe dispensers can vary widely, however investing in quality metal, Made-In-America wipe dispensers is a worthwhile investment in your business’s future. You’ll ensure you won’t need to worry about replacement costs or off-brand low quality dispensers ruining your member experience.

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